What is the best initial approach when selling your product to retail stores. Cold call, email or just arrive unexpected?


I was asked this question on Quora and here is my answer.

If I am not using a broker – and I prefer to use brokers – I check their website to find out the retailer’s process for reviewing new products.

If that info is not available, then a cold call works as well.

If I have a valid email address to the buyer, then I use email to ask them about their review process.

I don’t want to present my product until I have all the details about the retailer’s review process and my initial call or email inquiry is solely for that purpose. Once I have the information, I can prepare my sales approach.

I never just arrive unexpected, because buyers are very busy people with many vendors chasing them. Not only will they unlikely take a meeting, but that is disrespectful of their time. Find out their process for reviewing new products and then plan accordingly.

I post what I see and do in consumer products. But I am just one person with my own perspective. I want your opinion and observations from your point of view. Please comment below so I and others can learn. Thank you!

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